Smart Parents Campaign

GSK Indonesia initiated a comprehensive disease awareness program for parents, collaborating with doctors and hospitals. The Smart Parents campaign is an umbrella awareness campaign for diseases which are preventable by vaccines, including pneumococcal and rotavirus diarrhoea.

The campaign objective is to educate Indonesian mothers about the value of vaccination and vaccine-preventable diseases by increasing their awareness and knowledge. 

Immunisation rates in Indonesia are only 72% on average. Around 2,400 children in Indonesia die every day, including some from preventable causes such as tuberculosis, measles, pertussis, diphtheria, and tetanus. This current state has inspired a burning need for us, as a pharmaceutical company with patient-focused values to actively educate more Indonesian moms on vaccinations and vaccine-preventable diseases. 

Smart Parents campaign represents our commitment to improve Indonesian mothers knowledge by proactively supporting education for laymen in various approaches via Above the Line (ATL) activities, Hospital Activation, and Digital Activation.