Health for all

Good health cannot be undervalued: it enables people to live life to its fullest, allowing people and communities to prosper. There are many barriers and obstacles on the path to better health around the world. We are committed to finding new and innovative ways of tackling these.

By working in partnerships, listening to others, and being prepared to change the way we do business, we are creating value for society, our business and shareholders.

In this section you will find stories about changes we've made to ensure we put patients first and how we're building healthier communities.

Some recent examples include:

Access to Healthcare Products

Sehat Terjangkau : GSK Indonesia’s pharmaceutical unit has reduced the prices of over half of its major brands (both off-patent and patented) by 15 to 80 percent since 2010. Since then, GSK has implemented a pricing policy that would increase patients’ access to GSK’s products. Under the same umbrella programme, GSK expanded the sales force by 3x in order to reach more HCPs, and in turn more patients.

Lymphatic Filariasis Elimination : Every year since 2004, GSK has donated millions of Albendazole tablets to Indonesia to support the elimination of lympathic filariasis in the country by 2020.


Access to Health Information

Dengue Campaign : GSK Indonesia started the dengue campaign in 2007 to educate the public on dengue prevention and treatment in order to reduce mortality as a result of the dengue fever. Conducted in partnership with the Indonesian Paediatricians Association (IDAI) and local health authorities, the campaign has reached more than 10,000 people.

Nutrition for the first 1,000 days of life : Through our campaign “Dari Usia 1 Bersama Scott’s”, GSK Indonesia supports the Ministry of Health’s programme to increase awareness of comprehensive nutrition for the first 1,000 days of children’s lives.

Smart Parents Campaign : GSK Indonesia initiated a comprehensive disease awareness programme for parents, collaborating with doctors and hospitals. The campaign focuses on diseases preventable by vaccines, including pneumococcal and rotavirus diarrhoea. : Through, GSK Indonesia offers holistic information about the value of vaccination, vaccine-preventable diseases, and vaccination schedules. This website also provides a vaccination reminder to help patients comply with their vaccination schedule.

Aksi Peduli Bersama Panadol 2013 : From July-December 2013, GSK Indonesia conducted a health education campaign to help mothers provide appropriate treatments for family’s common health problems. Held in collaboration with Ikatan Bidan Indonesia (IBI), this campaign reached 12 districts in East Java. In addition to health education for mothers, GSK Indonesia also provided free health screenings for 3.690 people from the local community through Aksi Peduli Bersama Panadol 2013.


Access to Health Services

Bidan Peduli : GSK Indonesia helps midwives, as the community wellness keepers, to better serve the community, e.g. by supporting the continuing medical education of midwives and empower them to provide better medical service to mothers and children (targeting 15,000 midwives by the end of 2014).

Surveillance Centers : GSK Indonesia has established surveillance centers for selected infectious diseases in cooperation with UGM/Sarjito Hospital in Jogjakarta and Padjajaran University/Hassan Sadikin Hospital in Bandung to monitor the changing patterns of various infectious diseases such as rotavirus gastroenteritis, pneumonia, pertussis, etc.