Sodium Bicarbonate, SoBat Gusi Sehat Parodontax with Sodium Bicarbonate, Helps to Reduce Bleeding Gum up to 54%.

  • World Health Organization (WHO) report stated at lease one of two adults in most parts of the world suffer gingivitis or gum disease that can cause serious oral health problems and the risk of tooth loss if it’s remain untreated. Bleeding gum is one of the symptoms of gingivitis.

  • Sodium Bicarbonate (SoBat) is the unique formulation of Parodontax from GSK Consumer Helathcare that is clinically proven to effectively disrupting plaques as the main cause of bleeding gum, one of the symptoms of gingivitis.

  • Parodontax, one of GSK Consumer Healthcare’s brand, launches “SOBAT Gusi Sehat” campaign as an effort to raise public awareness about the importance of maintaining healthy gums to support overall oral health.

Gums play an important role in supporting teeth and oral health, as gums are the entry point for bacteria to get into the root of one’s teeth. Gums serve to protect the bones and the root of teeth, maintain the position of the teeth, help you smile, may have impact to your cardiovascular health. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) said that one of two adults in the world suffer from gingivitis. [1] Gingivitis can cause serious oral health problems and the risk of tooth loss if left untreated.

Basic Health Research data in 2013 showed that the national prevalence of oral and dental problems in Indonesia is 25.9%. [2] The research which was conducted by Ministry of Health showed facts of how socialization and a sustainable education program about the importance of maintaining oral health, including preventing gum problems such as bleeding gums and gingivitis needs to be improved. In order to improve public awareness and understanding about gums health, GSK Consumer Healthcare (GSK CH) via Parodontax toothpaste launch "SoBat Gusi Sehat" education campaign and invite public to actively participate.

Oral Health Marketing Manager - GSK CH Adisti Nirmala explained, "As an expert in oral health, GSK Consumer Health continues to innovate to help people live more productive in order to improve the quality of life. Seeing public awareness of the importance of maintaining healthy gums are still low, GSK CH via Parodontax toothpaste launches an education campaign "SoBat Gusi Sehat" which aims to introduce Parodontax as a toothpaste that contains 67% Sodium Bicarbonate. This formulation has been proven effective in maintaining healthy gums. We would like to invite you to join SoBat Gusi Sehat 14-day challenge, where you can try the unique taste of Parodontax for 14 days and feel the difference of healthier gums.”

Periodontitist Specialist (an expert in the gum tissue) Drg. Sandra Olivia, MARS, Sp.Perio explained, "Gingivitis and bleeding gums are two problems that can occur in unhealthy gums. There are still a lot of people who do not understand that bleeding gums are early symptoms of gum health problem. Unfortunately, people only seek solutions for bleeding gums when the gums condition is already deteriorated when soft tissue and bone that support the teeth have been severely damaged and patients are at risk of tooth loss. Gum problemscan be prevented, as long as people understand how to prevent it. Brushing your teeth twice a day after meals using toothpaste formulation that has ability to destroy plaque is one of the most effective prevention steps."

GSK CH Global research about Sodium Bicarbonate showed the unique formulation of 67% Sodium BicarbonATe (SoBat) in Parodontax toothpaste effectively reduce 23% plaque scores compared with other toothpaste without SoBar formulation after a single 60-second brushing and give 56% reduction in plaque in those areas that hard to reach with a toothbrush. In addition, there were 54% fewer bleeding sites as compared with a non-sodium bicarbonate toothpaste and a 57% reduction in the bleeding score (with 0 being no bleeding and 2, immediate bleeding). [3]

Drg. Sandra Olivia, MARS, Sp.Perio confirmed, "Sodium Bicarbonate with appropriate formulation can prevent gum problems at early setting. Maintain and promptly resolve your gum health problem by using a toothpaste that contains Sodium Bicarbonate. Sodium Bicarbonate is safe to be used, especially for high-risk groups of gum problems such as pregnant women, people with diabetes and active smokers.”

Sodium Bicarbonate also has alkalinity (high pH3) which neutralizes acids in the mouth (a major cause of tooth decay), kills germs, eliminates bad breath and keeps gums healthy and be resistant to dental caries. The efficacy of Sodium Bicarbonate in Parodontax toothpaste to disrupts plaque, as a major cause of gingivitis and bleeding gums have been presented on

The Annual World Dental Congress 2014 in New Delhi. [4]

Ninit Yunita, blogger and co-founder of The Urban Mama community who attended the event said, "As an active woman and a mother, I support “SoBat Gusi Sehat” educational program to help people understand the importance of recognizing bleeding gums as the beginning of more serious gum problems! I've tried Parodontax toothpaste and feel the function of Sodium Bicarbonate, which maintain the health of my gums. Lets join “SoBat Gusi Sehat” 14-days challenge.”

“The formulation of Sodium Bicarbonate in Parodontax toothpaste optimizes the disruption of plaque when you brush your teeth, even in those areas that are difficult to reach with tooth brush. Share your experience and join ‘SoBat Gusi Sehat’ 14-days challenge through Twitter and don’t forget to mention @ParodontaxId with #SoBatGusiSehat hashtag.

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