What we do

We are a science-led global healthcare company. We research and develop a broad range of innovative products in three primary areas of Pharmaceuticals, Vaccines and Consumer Healthcare.

We have a significant global presence with commercial operations in more than 150 countries, a network of 86 manufacturing sites in 36 countries and large R&D centres in the UK, USA, Spain, Belgium and China.


Our pharmaceuticals business develops and makes medicines to treat a broad range of acute and chronic diseases. In Singapore, our portfolio is made up of both patent-protected and off-patent medicines.

£15.5bn turnover, 67% of Group


Our vaccines business is one of the largest in the world, producing paediatric and adult vaccines against a range of infectious diseases. In 2014, we distributed more than 800 million doses to 170 countries, of which over 80% were supplied to developing countries. On completion of the transfer of HIB (Haemophilus Influenzae type B) production to Tuas, Singapore will be responsible for more than 20% of GSK's total vaccines production.

£3.2bn turnover, 14% of Group

Consumer Healthcare

We develop and market a range of consumer healthcare products based on scientific innovation. We have brands in four main categories: Wellness, Oral health, Skin health and Nutrition. In Singapore, our top brands in each category are Panadol, Sensodyne, Physiogel and Horlicks.

£4.3bn turnover, 19% of Group